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Comment from: Catherine Visitor


Could have thanked me for helping :(

EDIT: Sorry, much thanks to Catherine for helping carry the arcade machine up the stairs and into the flat!


I've recently played Bioshock, and I find I must disagree with almost every point you raise here. When I finished it I immediately started it again. Not just to get the second ending, but because I wanted to. Playing it was such a rich experience. I'm now on my third playthrough and I'm not bored yet.

It's true to say Ryan's death scene is nothing we haven't seen before, but any fiction writer will tell you a cliche is only a cliche if it doesn't work, and it works beautifully here. I must also challenge your claim that there are too many enemies. That's just a silly complaint. And the argument regarding lack of variation leads me to wonder if we're actually talking about the same game.

There are flaws. You're right to say ammo is too freely available. This along with the vita-chambers removes much of the challenge. And the endings are too understated. But this I found easy to forgive, as the beauty of this game is (along with the excellent story) the fun it offers while playing. The fluid gameplay and atmosphere make this a masterpiece of a game.

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Comment from: Tim Visitor


no brazil was really good, think i had caught some bits of it before (towards the end) it was a great day all in all glad you liked your presents and food also like the drawn picture bunny = awesome

WEIRDO: ^__^ thanks :) Was a really nice day, shame you didn't stick around for longer :)

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Comment from: Catherine Member


That is one b e a u tifal rose! You should press some of its petals when it fades. And you know - the ted reminds me of Tim!

WEIRDO: I dont know how thats happened but you're logged in as Catherine ^__^ But yeah was a very pretty rose, i think i might just let it wilt, they tend to dry out and look pretty then I can stick it in our vase.

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Comment from: Tony Visitor


Yea, I like the movie a lot - but I think most of that stems from the facts that I was born in Vallejo and live in Benicia where his first killing was....supposedly at Lake Hermon.

WEIRDO: aha sounds cool ^__^ its nice when films feel that bit personal to you :D

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Comment from: Cristian Visitor


The one to the upper right and the one to the upper left without a face and stuff were they... assassinated?

WEIRDO: Hey cristian, long time no speak, how was your christmas? :)
All the things above the two headed baby are actually double bladed axes... my bad shaping skills really :P and the fact they are in a position where you really can't see what anything other than the baby is ^__^

Andrew K Lawston

The chap who 'once said, if you see a gun in a film, eventually someone is going to fire it' was Chekov, I believe. In correspondence IIRC. I had the exact quote and reference once, I think I put it in my MPhil thesis.

What am I doing here? Wandered in off a google search, guv.

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Comment from: Cristian Visitor


Just watched the final episode and its actually picking up from the pretty-bad-phase it had and becoming quite good in the end.

WEIRDO: Awesome, so I've got a fairly crappy midsection and a decent end to look forwards to :D

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Comment from: Catherine Member


BFF's how american ^__^

WEIRDO: and such a ridicolous term, hence its reasoning for being best line in Homecoming, because it sounded so stupid and was actually coming out of a persons mouth as a word in their vocabulary :P